About Lumag

German Engineering

Lumag machines are engineered in Germany to the highest specification.

Each machine undergoes stringent quality control checks and will only leave their facility in Bavaria when they are 100% satisfied that it is up to standard.

All Lumag machines meet the relevant EU safety and emissions regulations and have full spares backup.

Motorsport Pedigree

Most Lumag machines, such as our compactor plates, have Loncin engines. Loncin is one of the biggest engine manufacturers in the world.

Besides manufacturing general purpose engines and motorcycle engines Loncin also manufacture motorcycles and have their own Motor Sports team.

In 2005 Loncin partnered with BMW. Loncin now manufacture BMW’s 650cc single-cylinder engine and 350cc large displacement water-cooled scooters and engines.

In addition, in 2015 a BMW factory at the Loncin plant C was opened.