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Tips for using your Lumag Chipper

The Chippers can process small branches and sticks up to 100mm diameter (RAMBO HC10) and 120mm (RAMBO HC15) including any leafy material attached to the branches. They are not suitable for use with leaves and small twigs on their own, this machine is a Chipper not a Shredder. The Chipper should be run at full… read more

Bad Weather Update!

Due to the bad weather, all of our courier services have shut until further notice. The office will be closed until further notice, but we will pick up emails Or call us at the Pub!

Let it snow, let it snow. Can’t hold it back anymore!!!

We’re looking for an Experienced Office Assistant!

            We are looking for an experienced Office Assistant to join our team, on a full time basis, and help with the growth of our rapidly expanding company.   Lumag Distribution Limited is a family run business, based in Hatherleigh. We are the sole Importer and Distributor, throughout the UK… read more

High Tip Dumper Moves a Stage Closer!

It off to the paint shop for the High tip now! Another feature we can now see is the Electric start Honda GX390.

Mini Dumpers and Wacker Plates in Cornwall!

Portreath Garden Machinery, Lumag Distribution Limited’s official dealer for West Cornwall. Simon, Jane and the team offer great service and value for money. You will find for sale in there show room near Redruth, Lumag Mini dumpers, Wackers plates, Log splitters, chippers and other products. They work with us to serve  “TR” postcodes including the… read more

More pictures on the High tip dumper…..

Here are a few more pictures of progress made on the High tip mini dumper coming soon!

High Tip / Skip Loading dumper coming soon (We hope)

          High tip / skip loading mini dumper coming soon!  800kg capacity Honda GX390….More details to follow.

How to adjust the clutch cable / Drive belt on the MD300, MD300R, MD300G, MD500, MD500H & MD500HPRO

Your mini dumper will perform best when the drive belt and cables are adjusted correctly. All the mini dumper above use the same simple robust system. Operating the “Clutch Lever” (red handle on the top of the left hand handle) Has two functions both to tension the drive belt and to release the parking brake.… read more

How to Check the Gearbox oil level on the Lumag MD300R

It is very important to check your gearbox oil on your power barrow, both when the machine is new and regularly through its life. Note the picture the left shows the gearbox oil level bung. Oil should just dribble out slowly if correct. If you need to add oil remove the filler cap on the… read more