Disturbed at Dinner.

We locked up Lumag HQ tonight at around 5:00pm.. We had a leisurely walk home with Willow (office dog and Director of Barketing), and set about making ourselves some dinner. However, shortly after this, we had a telephone call from a neighbouring industrial unit, to tell us that we were being burgled and that our new intruder alarm was letting out some hefty sirens. Needless to say, off we went, back to Lumag HQ to see what was going on.

When we arrived back at work, we could smell burning rubber- and went into the warehouse to investigate. As it turns out, there was a small chap doing doughnuts around the warehouse in one of our ornamental cars! When asked what he was doing, he told us that his name was Cyril and he was here from Germany, to stay with us during the festive period. We had a chat about Loncin engines,  plate compactors and Bratwurst Sausages, and agreed that it would be fine for him to stay with us here at Lumag HQ.

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