Lumag offer a huge range of compactor plates, at a fraction of the price of other leading brands.

We often get asked here, ‘what is Lumag’s specialty’? The answer is everything. All of our products are either manufactured within Europe, or built to German specifications whilst meeting all EU quality and safety regulations, meaning that we can assure that any product bought from us is of the highest quality.

However, one thing that Lumag do particularly well is their range of compactor/wacker plates. With plate sizes varying from 12″ all the way up to 20″, we have the tool for you no matter how big or small the job is. All of our compactors are fitted as standard with Loncin Engines, In 2005 Loncin collaborated with BMW. Loncin are now responsible for manufacturing BMW’s 650cc single-cylinder engine and 350cc large displacement water-cooled engines. In addition, in 2015 a BMW factory at the Loncin plant C was opened. Meaning that not only is the build quality of the machine of an excellent standard, but so is the engine that comes fitted to them. Another factor to consider when purchasing a none-leading brand product is whether or not you’re going to be able to purchase spares. Here at Lumag we have an excellent spare parts department, and are currently expanding our network of service agents for our machines throughout the UK and Ireland.

With a variety of functions and specifications available to suit your needs, our wacker plates are available with water cooling systems, forward/reverse systems as well as some models being available with both diesel and petrol engines. You will not find a more varied and high quality range of small construction equipment  elsewhere in the market that matches value for money with credibility as well as Lumag does.

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