Trench Rammers

Trench Rammers play a crucial role in Groundworks and Landscaping, particularly in compacting tight or confined spaces like narrow trenches, areas around poles or pipes, and zones with restricted movement. They are indispensable equipment for achieving effective compaction in these challenging environments.

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  • Lumag VS80-S 11″ x 13″ 76.5kg Petrol Trench Rammer

    £1,149.00 (£957.50 + VAT)

    Introducing the Lumag VS80S Trench Rammer, a versatile powerhouse designed to conquer compacting tasks with precision and ease. Crafted to excel in sand, gravel, crushed stone, and various materials, this vibratory tamper combines robust performance with a sleek, slim design tailored for confined spaces, making it the go-to choice for gardening and landscaping endeavors.

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  • Lumag VS80-C 11″ x 14″ 80kg Petrol Trench Rammer

    £1,099.00 (£915.83 + VAT)

    Introducing the Lumag VS80C Trench Rammer, your ultimate companion for precision compaction in challenging terrains. Designed to tackle sand, gravel, crushed stone, soil, and earth clods with ease, this vibratory tamper boasts unparalleled power and efficiency.

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    Lumag LVS30-GX 135mm 32kg Petrol Trench Rammer

    Original price was: £1,649.00.Current price is: £1,379.00. (£1,149.17 + VAT)

    Lumag LVS30-GX 135mm 32kg Petrol Trench Rammer

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  • VW300PRO rollerVW300PRO close up of roller

    Vibrating roller Lumag VW300PRO

    £3,999.00 (£3,332.50 + VAT)

    Introducing the Lumag VW300PRO Vibrating Roller, a versatile solution for medium-duty compaction tasks in path construction, gardening, landscaping, paving, and road repair. Engineered for reliability and efficiency, this vibratory roller combines advanced features with robust construction to tackle a variety of projects with ease.

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  • Lumag LVS80-GX 11″ x 13″ 76.5kg Petrol Trench Rammer

    £1,999.00 (£1,665.83 + VAT)

    Introducing the Lumag LVS80GX Trench Rammer with Honda Engine, a stalwart companion engineered for the rigors of professional construction projects. Crafted for commercial construction ventures or large-scale private endeavors, this vibratory tamper delivers uncompromising durability and performance.

    Video show the VS80S (Not LVS80GX)

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  • Battery Trench RammerBattery Trench Rammer

    Battery Trench Rammer Lumag VS 80EPRO Includes Battery

    £1,899.00 (£1,582.50 + VAT)

    Introducing the Lumag VS80EPRO Battery Trench Rammer, the pinnacle of electric compacting technology. Designed as Lumag’s flagship electric rammer, this cutting-edge tool is powered by a Li-ion battery, offering unparalleled performance while maintaining a whisper-quiet operation and emission-free working environment.

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There are a few important points to keep in mind when it comes to LUMAG’s professional trench rammers:

1. Performance:
Our rammers are equipped with powerful motors that enable efficient compaction of soils. They provide sufficient power to achieve optimal results even in difficult soil conditions.

2. Compact design: Our rammers are compact and handy, allowing for easy operation and maneuverability. They are ideal for tight construction sites or areas with limited space.

3. Robust design: LUMAG prioritizes the sturdiness and longevity of its vibratory rammers, crafting them from high-quality materials to endure the demanding conditions of construction site operations.

4. Ease of use: LUMAG’s rammers are designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. They feature ergonomic handles and well-placed controls to ensure a comfortable and efficient way of working.

5. Versatility: LUMAG provides an extensive selection of vibratory rammers suitable for various jobs. The range includes models with varying plate widths and compaction forces, catering to specific individual needs.

6. Security: User safety is a top priority for LUMAG. Therefore, our rammers are equipped with various safety features such as emergency stop switches and guards to ensure safe working.

When choosing a professional trench rammer from LUMAG, you can be sure of quality, performance and reliability. The company’s many years of know-how and the continuous development of its products ensure that you receive a reliable and effective tool for your compaction work.