The Lumag brand is known throughout Europe for the professional quality and affordable price. We offer a variety of petrol Mowers for all your garden maintenance needs.

The Lumag HGM85055 Petrol Mulching Mower is great for clearing rough grass areas and has 550mm blades.

The Lumag HGS87564 Petrol High Grass and Brush Mower and the The Lumag HGS50058 Flail Mower have 4 flails which enable you to quickly and easily cut through reeds, brambles ect.

The LUMAG WKB-300 Weed Scrubber Brush reliably cleans curbs or paved surfaces of weeds and other debris – without the use of chemical additives or thermal treatment.

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  • High Grass Flail Mower Briggs & Stratton Petrol Lumag HGS87564

    £1,599.00 (£1,332.50 + VAT)

    The self propelled Lumag HGS87564 Petrol High Grass and Brush Mower has a powerful Briggs and Stratton engine. The engine powers 4 flails which enable you to quickly and easily cut through reeds, brambles, tall grass, nettles ect. The side bar can be fitted to lay the grass info tidy swathes. The machine is fitted with…

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  • High Grass MowerHigh Grass Mower

    High Grass Mower Lumag HGS580 Loncin engine

    £1,149.00 (£957.50 + VAT)

    High Grass Mower Lumag HGS580 Loncin engine This powerful Lumag HGS580 rough terrain mower (circular mower, pot mower) is equipped with a Loncin 196cc 4-stroke petrol engine and is suitable for mowing many (including rough) terrains, (tall) grass, weeds and other types of grass. Also suitable for mowing on hard-to-reach plots, verges along roads, ditch…

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  • Lumag HGM-85055 Petrol Mulching Mower

    £1,799.00 (£1,499.17 + VAT)

    The Lumag HGM-85055 Petrol Mulching Mower is great for clearing rough grass areas. This mulching mower is self propelled and comes equipped with a 55cm Oregon mulching blade that cuts the same material several times aiding the fast decomposition, which is fully guarded all the way round, and also has rubber flaps to reduce flying debris. It has easy to use controls, the clutch and self propel leavers can be used simultaneously or individually depending on use needed.

    The mulching mowers handles are height adjustable for ease of use and comfort for your wrists and can fold over fully making it easier to store when not in use, or for low overhead branches. It has “pneumatic agri” style tires for extra grip, due to it’s tires it’s suitable for rougher ground or higher grass and more difficult areas. For finer finished areas you can attach the fully height adjustable front dolly wheel or leave it off. It’s easy to adjust using the tool provided which fits neatly onto the side of the dolly wheel to enable the user to quickly adjust the height wherever you are.

    The HGM-85055 mulching mower comes with a powerful 6hp at 3600rpm, 11.9nm of torque,1 cylinder,4 stroke, Briggs and Stratton 850 series petrol engine, holding 1.1 litres of fuel with a easy pull starter and priming button. It has a heavy duty belt tensioning device and a hard wearing v-belt drive, mounted on robust bearings that rotates the cutting shaft, The HGM-85055 mulching mower also comes with a knock down bar that pushes down higher plants, tall grass and the like to enable a good cut with the first pass with the mulching mower.

    The mulching mower will work safely on inclines up to 20 degrees and at only 70kg the mulching mower design is easy to use over a variety of terrain and gardens and adaptable to suit many uses.

    The Lumag HGM-85055 petrol mulching mower is covered by a 1-year business use warranty and 2-year domestic use.

    The mulching mower has full spare parts back up and customer service.

    *Delivered fully assembled & ready to use*


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  • Mulching mower High Grass Rough Mower Lumag HGM550

    £1,299.00 (£1,082.50 + VAT)

    Transform your lawn care routine with the Lumag HGM550 Mulching Mower. Designed for efficient and eco-friendly mowing, this powerful mower is perfect for maintaining lush, healthy lawns in residential and commercial settings. Featuring a robust engine and innovative mulching capabilities, the HGM550 ensures your lawn looks pristine while promoting soil health. Great for rough areas and verges!

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