The new and improved MD500H PRO has arrived from Germany!

The Lumag MD500HPro mini dumpers have arrived from Germany. They have a 500KG capacity, hydraulic tipping, and innovative new gearbox. This professional tracked barrow is perfect for all kinds of commercial and industrial application where you need materials to move off of the road, where access is restricted for larger machinery.

The new and improved gearbox/chassis design of this machine gives it great ground clearance, further improving its off road ability. If you need a fast and powerful mini dumper then the MD500 range could be for you, and at only £2995.00, this is by far the most competitively priced hydraulic-tipping mini dumper within our range.

If you are thinking of heading to The Royal Cornwall Show at the end of this week, head over to our dealer, Machine Serve’s stand to see this machine in person!

Lumag MD500H PRO 500kg Petrol Mini Dumper with Hydraulic Tip


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