Tips for using your Lumag Chipper

  • The Chippers can process small branches and sticks up to 100mm diameter (RAMBO HC10) and 120mm (RAMBO HC15) including any leafy material attached to the branches.
  • They are not suitable for use with leaves and small twigs on their own, this machine is a Chipper not a Shredder.
  • The Chipper should be run at full speed at all times.
  • You should allow the drum to run up to speed before starting to feed the Chipper.
  • When feeding the Chipper listen to the tone of the engine. If the engine speed begins to drop, stop or reduce the feeding of the machine and allow the engine and drum to return to full speed.
  • Stalling the drum will cause damage to the drive belts.
  • If the drum gets jammed, turn the machine off straight away and clear the blockage.
  • Before you turn the machine off, allow it to run for a few minutes to ensure that all the material has left the Chipper. This will prevent small bits of debris jamming the drum when the machine is restarted, preventing belt damage.

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