Retail Customers Warranty T’s & C’s

These warranty terms apply only to retail customers!


Warranty Periods

The warranty period offered by Lumag Distribution Limited (Lumag) varies from machine to machine and differs between Domestic and Commercial use.

Unless otherwise stated Lumag offers 1 year for commercial use, 2 years for Domestic and 3 years for petrol engines. (diesel engines 1 year) There are however exceptions. An example of this is the petrol Compactors which come with an extended 5 year Domestic /2-year Commercial warranty. Please refer to the relevant product pages on the website for full details of warranty periods.


What is covered

In the case of manufacturing faults, material faults, and failure which have occurred during the warranty period, Lumag agrees to provide parts and cover the cost of the agreed labour, associated with the repair. (agreed labour is only payable to an authorized Lumag dealer)

Any faults or damage caused by misuse, abuse neglect, improper handling/storage, or general wear are not covered under warranty.

Machine faults caused by improper, insufficient or dirty Fuels or oils will not be covered by the warranty.

Lumag’s warranty does not cover wearing parts such as belts, clutches, cables, tires, electrical components or soil engaging parts (This list is not wearing parts is not exhaustive and other components may be deemed by us to be wearing parts) The adjustment of belts, clutches, and cables is also a non-warrantable repair.

Lumag will not be liable for any “downtime” of the machine. We do not offer any replacement machinery or compensation and we do not cover the transport and/or travel costs associated with a warranty claim.

Any replacement spare parts are covered by a 90-day replacement part only warranty. Therefore, no fitting costs will be covered outside of the warranty period.


To be valid

To be valid the machine must be serviced and maintained, as per the Servicing and Maintenance Schedule, using genuine Lumag parts and consumables.


Registering the Warranty

No need to send us any forms we will just need your proof of purchase if you wish to make a claim.


Making a Warranty Claim

Warranty Claim Form


Returning your machine for inspection/repair

In certain circumstances, a machine may need to be returned to Lumag Distribution.

For this reason, we strongly suggest that you keep the original packaging additional cost will be incurred by the customer if the machine is not returned in the most cost-effective manner**.

Prior to starting the repair, the nature and cause of the fault will be determined. We will advise if our findings differ from your explanation of the fault.

If a manufacturing fault is found Lumag will cover the cost of collection*, Redelivery*,  inspection parts, and repair time. Where no manufacturing fault is found, or the failure/problem is not covered by the Warranty, the costs incurred i.e. collection, re-delivery inspection, repair, and re-delivery costs will be chargeable to the owner of the item.

*Lumag distribution covers the cost of transport for valid warranty claims up to 6 months from the date of purchase. For mainland UK only excluding the highlands.

**Cost effective manner would be in the case of a small sub 100kg compactor or another boxed item would be in the good’s original box. In the event, Lumag repair an item under warranty and additional transport charges have been incurred due to an item being returned on a pallet rather than the original box, for example, we reserve the right to pass on the additional costs. We strongly recommend you keep the original packaging. For items that need to be transported on pallets, we require a reasonable amount of effort to be made to minimize the size of an item to 120cm length or width. This may include the removal of chippers hoppers or dumper butts as a couple of examples. the pallet company will charge double for pallets over 120cm length or width!  This cost will be passed on even in the event of a valid warranty claim. Some items we understand that 120cm pallet size is not possible and no extra charge will be made.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the product is safely and suitably packaged for the return to Lumag Distribution LTD

It is the customers responsibility to drain fuel and oil for transport. Failure to do so may result it the courier refusing to transport.



The warranty is non-transferable.