Warranty (Retail Customers)

Warranty Terms and Conditions

Please note that these terms and conditions apply to retail customers only.

Warranty Periods

All Lumag products are covered by a 24-month private user or 12-month business user warranty.

Exception: Due to the nature of business we only offer a  90 days parts warranty for hire companies.

What is covered

In the case of manufacturing faults, material faults, and failures which have occurred during the warranty period, Lumag agrees to repair the fault.

Any faults or damage caused by misuse, abuse neglect, improper handling/storage, or general wear are not covered under warranty.

Machine faults caused by improper, insufficient or dirty Fuels or oils will not be covered by the warranty.

Lumag’s warranty does not cover wearing parts such as belts, clutches, cables, tires, electrical components or soil-engaging parts (This list is not wearing pieces is not exhaustive and other components may be deemed by us to be wearing parts) The adjustment of belts, clutches, and cables is also a non-warrantable repair.

Lumag will not be liable for any “downtime” of the machine. We do not offer any replacement machinery or compensation and we do not cover the transport and/or travel costs associated with a warranty claim.

Any replacement spare parts are covered by a 90-day replacement part-only warranty. Therefore, no fitting costs will be covered outside of the warranty period.

To be valid

To be valid the machine must be serviced and maintained, as per the Servicing and Maintenance Schedule, using genuine Lumag parts and consumables.

Registering the Warranty

You need to register the warranty on the Lumag website within 30 days of purchase.

Making a Warranty Claim

Please fill out the form below.


The warranty is non-transferable.