Lumag Rambo HC10 & Rambo HC15 Garden Chippers

The Chippers!

Lumag currently offers 2 petrol-engined drum chippers, the Rambo HC10 and the Rambo HC15.

Both these models offer unbeatable quality and performance in their price bracket.

The machines operate in the same way. The petrol engine is mounted on the top of the chassis and drives the twin bladed drum via a centrifugal clutch and twin drive belt. The action of the drum spinning catching the material between one of the blades and the counter knife both chipping the material and drawing it further into the drum and firing the processed material out of the adjustable outlet chute.


The Rambo HC10 and Rambo HC15 work in the same way but have several differences. The HC10 and HC15 can take a maximum diameter of 10cm and 12cm respectively. The HC10 garden chipper is powered by a 6.5HP engine and the HC15 Chipper by a 15HP electric start engine. The Rambo HC15 as you may notice despite having only 20% greater capacity than the HC10 is has around 40% more horsepower, this causes it to have a much greater performance near the limit of its capacity, compared to the Rambo HC10 Garden chipper. The bigger machine is also fitted with a handy tow bar great for getting the machine around your property. Both machines are fitted with hinged intake chutes for ease when clearing blockages and changing blades.

Building, Using and Maintaining your Chipper

Your machine will need preparing for use. The wheels, Chutes, stands and safety switches will all need attaching and checking. The next two points are often missed and are very important, the engine speed must be checked and set to 3600RPM failure to check this (in the event of a  slow running engine) will cause increased belt and clutch wear and reduced machine performance.  The bearings on the open side of the machine and the one under the belt cover will need to be greased. The gap between the blade and the counter knife should not be more than 0.5mm, having a greater clearance will increase the load on the engine and reduce Performace.

Tips and Use

After doing your prestart checks and starting the machine, allow it to warm up and run up to full speed before starting to feed the machine.

As you feed the machine listen to the noise of the engine if the engine speed reduces, stop feeding the machine until the engine speed picks back up to full speed.

Keep an eye on what comes out of the outlet chute, obviously what goes in must come out! If the material does not come out as fast as you expect, again stop feeding the machine until the processed material comes out. If it does not clear after a few seconds turn off the machine and check for blockages.

When you have finished using the machine allow it to run for a short time after you have finished work and give the handles on the intake hopper a good shake. this will ensure any debris left in the chipper will be cleared and prevent problems when you start the machine up next.

The machines are “Chippers” not “shredders” and are not suitable for foliage, fine twigs, debris, and garden waste on its own.

These garden chippers work best with branches bigger than your finger up to the size of your wrist/arm, whether still covered in leaves or not.

Below are a few examples of what can go wrong

Above is an example of the type of debris that can build up in the Chipper, if solely green waste is processed.

Here is an example of what happens when the outlet chute gets blocked, the chipped wood gets stuck in the drum and cause the drum speed and engine speed to reduce. If occurs turn off the engine and clear the blockage.

Resolving the Problem

If the drum stalls with the engine running, the belts will burn out and damage can be caused to the clutch If this occurs it is worth getting the clutch bearings inspected as overheated bearings failing will cause premature clutch failure if not seen to.

To Finalise

The problems described above are relevant to any chipper on the market. Our machines offer great build quality and performance. Please contact us we can help you guide you to the right machine and ensure the chipper is handed over to you ready to use and correctly prepared (unlike many others on the market).