Concreting Equipment

The Lumag brand is known throughout Europe for the professional quality and affordable price. We offer a wide variety of Concreting Equipment including Concrete Breakers, Concrete Pokers, Tamping Units and Power Floats all of which have been designed with durability and ease of use in mind.

Our Concrete Breakers are designed to demolish material, they are more powerful than demolition hammers and tend to be used upright. All our Concrete Breakers include breaker point and hammer ends.

Our Concrete Pokers provide a compact and portable air removal in concrete. Ideal for patios, driveways and many more applications. Our electric models are perfect for use where noise and fumes are an issue.

Our Tamping Units / Easy Screed Machine is a time saving and easy to use concrete surface screed for fast and simple striking off and smoothing. Our Tamping Beams (not included) range from 2.5 to 4.5 m.

Our Power Floats are the ideal tool for smoothing a concrete floor. They are easy to use and the protective ring ensures that you can even get into the most difficult corners and operate very close to the wall.

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