Road Sweepers

The Lumag brand is known throughout Europe for the professional quality and affordable price. We offer a variety of electric and petrol Road Brushes   ranging from 800mm to 1000mm.

Our range of Road Brushes are designed to clean floors and roads by sweeping away excess materials. The hard wearing nylon bristles can be adjusted to remove anything from light debris from paved areas to scrub stubborn moss off your patio.

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  • Petrol Sweeper Road Brush Lumag KM1000 1000 mm Professional 3 in 1

    £1,499.00 (£1,249.17 + VAT)

    Experience unmatched cleaning power and versatility with the Lumag KM1000 Petrol Sweeper Road Brush. Engineered for robust performance, this powerful sweeper includes a collection box and plough, making it the ideal solution for comprehensive outdoor maintenance on construction sites, parking lots, pathways, and large properties.

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  • Petrol Sweeper Road Brush Lumag KM800 800 mm 3 in 1 Petrol Road Brush

    £999.00 (£832.50 + VAT)

    Introducing the Lumag KM800 Sweeper, your ultimate 3-in-1 solution for efficient and versatile outdoor cleaning. Designed with a powerful 230v electric start, this robust sweeper includes a collection box and plough, making it perfect for a variety of tasks, from clearing debris to managing snow and dirt.

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    Petrol Sweeper Road Sweeper 600mm Wide 196cc GAMUL K6

    Original price was: £729.00.Current price is: £649.00. (£540.83 + VAT)

    Achieve pristine cleanliness on roads, pathways, and large outdoor areas with the Lumag K6 600mm Petrol Road Sweeper. Designed for high performance and versatility, this powerful road brush is ideal for municipalities, construction sites, and large property owners who demand efficient and reliable sweeping solutions.

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