Delivered ready to use, well nearly!

When ordering a Lumag product for delivery directly to the owner/user, the machine will be delivered nearly ready to use.

What do we mean, by “nearly ready to use”?

Before shipping a Lumag product our engineers will build and prepare the machine for use. We will fully test and dry-run the machine checking all the functions.

We will fill all gearboxes and hydraulic systems with oil, fill the engines with oil, test for power, set / adjust the engine speed and check it is running cleanly. For smaller items, we may need to drain the engine oil for transport, so please always check the oil before use! The tension and alignment of any drive belts will be checked and adjusted. Any blades and working parts will be set and adjusted when required. We will test the functions of the electrical system. We will check the tension of the fasteners. Ensure all cables are set correctly and any bearings and pivot points will be lubricated.

Once the machine has been checked and passed the quality control, the machine is packed for shipping. This will involve part dismantling the machine to allow cost-effective and safe shipping. Items like dumper butts may be assembling and fitting. Chipper hoppers will need fitting and compactor plates will need handles and wheel kits fitting. This is not an exhaustive list and please expect some assembly upon delivery.

Need it 100% built? please ask, we may in some cases be able to facilitate this but there will be additional delivery charges.

Note: The BSW sawmills can only be shipped boxed and the firewood processors must have the conveyor removed for shipping.