Electric Mini Dumpers

Lumag are known throughout Europe for the professional quality and affordable price of their machines. Lumag offer a range of tracked, wheeled and hydraulic electric dumpers ranging from 450 to 500 kg. The electric dumpers are quiet, environmentally friendly and ideal for use indoors. They require no annual maintenance and start without fail.

These electric dumpers are ideal for transporting materials such as sand, salt, gravel, building materials, garden waste, stone, wood etc. The great advantage of these dumpers is the width, with a width of between 64 and 87cm the dumpers should fit through the majority of gates and narrow paths.

The tracked dumpers are particularly good for use on steep slopes and rough/uneven terrain due to the excellent grip provided by the rubber tracks.

The hydraulic dumpers are long lasting as have no wear on cables, pulleys, couplings or belts and the Danfoss hydraulic pump ensures trouble-free operation. These dumpers feature a hydraulic tip and the PRO Series also has the ability to load itself.

The wheeled dumpers are particularly good for use on smooth, slippery and/or muddy soils due to their chain driven 4 wheel drive and skid steering which offer considerable grip and will allow you to go nearly anywhere. The skid steer system allows you to spin nearly on the spot with no need for lifting or dragging.

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