Lumag LST33/14 Manual Block Cutter

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Lumag LST33/14 Manual Block Cutter

The Lumag LST33/14 block cutter is suitable for cutting all kinds of blocks and slabs. The machine is made with a robust steel frame and a heavy duty adjuster handle. The cutting blades can be rotated 3 times to maximise wear. The machine is on a wheeled frame for easy transportation.

*Delivered fully assembled & ready to use*

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SKU: LST3314
SKU: LST3314 Categories: , GTIN: 4047424004289
Cutting width max. 330 mm
Cutting height min. 26 mm
Adjusting the cutting height manually
Weight (net / gross) 34.5 / 41.6 kg
Packaging dimensions mF (LxWxH) 720 x 320 x 720 mm
Packaging dimensions oF (LxWxH) 720 x 320 x 620 mm

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