Wood Chippers

The Lumag brand is known throughout Europe for high quality and affordable price. We offer a variety of petrol  Wood Chippers for domestic and professional use.

Our Lumag RAMBO HC10 is perfect for chipping up shrubbery and small branches up to a diameter of 100 mm and is suitable for domestic use and business applications.

Our Lumag RAMBO HC15  is a more powerful larger chipper which is great for keen gardeners or to add to a hire fleet. This wood chipper will break down all your garden waste up to an impressive 120 mm. This machine is made with a handy portable chassis and large tires making it easy to manoeuvre over rough ground. Check out the reviews

We now offer the HC15H hydraulic in feeding chipper.

This features mulching flail blades and hydraulic in feeding. We have a full range of spare parts and we always deliver in 24Hrs ready to use!

We have some useful instructions and tips on how to get the most out of chippers.

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  • rambohc10 whole chipperrambohc10 whole chipper

    Lumag RAMBO HC10 100mm Petrol Wood Chipper

    £879.00 (£732.50 + VAT)

    Lumag RAMBO HC10 100mm Petrol Wood Chipper

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  • rambohc15 whole machine

    Lumag RAMBO HC15 120mm Petrol Wood Chipper

    £1,595.00 (£1,329.17 + VAT)

    Lumag RAMBO HC15 120mm Petrol Wood Chipper

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  • rambohc10 whole machinerambohc10 whole machine

    Gasoline drum chopper RAMBO-HC10PRO

    £1,049.00 (£874.17 + VAT)

    Features: – The RAMBO-HC10PRO effortlessly shreds branches up to a thickness of 100 mm. – Convenient operation thanks to the large filling funnel. – Integrated chassis with studded pneumatic tires and a detachable drawbar for quick (not for road use), easy repositioning even on rough terrain. – Thanks to the reinforced, professional duplex cutterhead, the…

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  • rambohc15prorambohc15pro

    Rambo HC15PRO Garden Chipper

    £2,399.00 (£1,999.17 + VAT)


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  • Lumag RAMBO HC15H 120mm Wood Chipper with Hydraulic Feed

    £3,995.00 (£3,329.17 + VAT)

    The Lumag HC15H RAMBO Garden Chipper Shredder

    Lumag designed the HC15 RAMBO Chipper to break down branches and sticks up to a 120mm diameter. The Chipper is powered by a 15HP single cylinder petrol engine, featuring a 12-volt electric key starting devise. The engine transmits its power to the chipper flywheel via a centrifugal clutch and a pair of thick rubber drive belts.

    The chipper is a “Flywheel” type design chipper, the flywheel spins rapidly chipping the branches, any leafy green debris is pulled into the impeller and broken down further before being blown out of the chute. The Lumag HC15H Chipper has a hydraulic in feeding device allowing branches to be fed into the chipper in a safe and controlled manner, metering the infeed to the chipper to keep the chipping flywheel at optimum speed and efficiency.

    The Lumag HC15H Chipper shredder is mounted on an 870mm wide towable chassis with a 50mm ball hitch. The chipper is fitted with large pneumatic tires making it easy to handle and maneuver to your desired chipping area. The intake hopper of the chipper is also fitted with a hinge making access to the chipper drum and blades very easy. The chipper outlet chute is fitted with a 360-degree swivel head allowing the material from the chipper to be directed to where you need.

    The Lumag HC15H Chipper is fitted with emergency cut switch the chipper’s other safety features include a belt guard covering the chippers drive belts.

    The Lumag HC15H Chipper is covered by a 1-year business use warranty and 2-year domestic use.

    The Chipper has full spare parts back up and customer service.

    Our guide to Chippers!

    *Delivered fully assembled & ready to use*

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  • Chipper Shredder Lumag HC15L 15HP Petrol Chipper Shredder with tow bar

    £1,999.00 (£1,665.83 + VAT)

    New Lumag HC15L

    Pre Order Special for Delivery febuary 24

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  • rambohc15hz close uprambohc15hz close up of input shoot

    Lumag PTO RAMBO-HC15HZ chipper

    £3,995.00 (£3,329.17 + VAT)

    The Lumag PTO RAMBO-HC15HZ chipper is a powerful and efficient wood chipping solution designed for tractors with a PTO connection. With its heavy-duty construction and high-capacity engine, this chipper effortlessly converts branches, brush, and other wood debris into valuable wood chips. Equipped with adjustable intake chute and safety features, it ensures smooth operation and operator protection. Ideal for forestry, landscaping, and agricultural applications, the Lumag PTO RAMBO-HC15HZ chipper is the perfect addition to your tractor-powered equipment lineup, delivering reliability and performance when you need it most.

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    Lumag RAMBO HC10 Duo 100mm Petrol Wood Chipper Shredder Combi

    £0.00 (£0.00 + VAT)

    ***COMING SOON***

    Lumag RAMBO HC10 Duo 100mm Petrol Wood Chipper Shredder Combi

    • Feed hopper & ejection hopper can be folded to the side to clean the knife drum.
    • With cover and hour meter
    • 360° rotatable front guide wheel with integrated parking brake.
    • Flail knife for processing/shredding the leaves, through which the material sucked in via the suction hose is also shredded.


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  • Garden Chipper GAMUL HC100 50mm Capacity 212cc engine

    £719.00 (£599.17 + VAT)

    PRE order Special price delivery in Late January 2024

    (delivery date subject to change)

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  • PTO Wood Chipper

    Lumag PTO RAMBO HC20HZ Chipper – 200mm Capacity

    £3,995.00 (£3,329.17 + VAT)

    The Lumag PTO RAMBO HC20HZ Chipper is a professional chipper that effortlessly chips branches up to a diameter of 200 mm and can be used flexibly anywhere by means of tractor and PTO. The hydraulic feed roller and the individually adjustable feed speed make work easier. The chipper also processes unruly material thanks to the four blades and one counter-blade The chipped material is ejected via the 360° rotating and 75 cm high ejection chute. The chipper has a hinged disc wheel housing and a hinged feed hopper for easier transport and storage. The hydraulic oil tank with a capacity of 26.5 liters and temperature indicator has been placed under the unit to save space.

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